Monday, February 4, 2008

Worst move ever.

So the noise from the downstairs Super-bowl party motivated me to move my computer and art supplies upstairs. This also will conveniently empty the downstairs bedroom should I find a roommate. Until I do find a roommate it'll give me a space to practice Kenpo.

I managed to do the following:

Drop my computer - denting the frame, but it's working
Knock my scanner of a shelf - status unknown
Break my desk - Temporary fix in place
FUBAR my router - three hours to get it working again

Worst Tech Ever.


  1. How's the scanner?

    Can you now enjoy your music at high levels, and is the space left large enough to practice forms?

  2. I don't know how the scanner is. I haven't finished reassembling the computer room. It and the printer are still downstairs.

    I can (and am) listening to music at a higher volume.

    The soon to be emptied spare bedroom is big enough for forms, and frankly so is my bedroom, I think even after I get the rest of the stuff in here.

    One bonus of moving all this equipment up here is the attic is quite... ummmm toasty.

    A first since I moved in.

    Another bonus is the way I now have the desk arranged Cinnamon has her own little cave, which I've lined with her blanket. She even slept in there the first night it was setup.