Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick...ill...under the weather... kicking up daises...

So late last nights little chest cough turned in too tooth-rattling incredibly painful chest contractions of doom. Add to that a fever, headache, persistent joint ache, and feeling of exhaustion...

I am not a happy rabbit.

I have to go downstairs to get supplies so I can work on the homework that is due tomorrow... but I'm afraid because going down the stairs to let the dog out nearly killed me. Twice.

First I was week enough that I lost my grip on the railing and almost pitched head first down the steeper then normal stairs. The second time was climbing back up the stairs when my restricted air way put me in an oxygen surfeit state and when I reached the top I had to lie there gasping like a fish while my head swam.

Cinnamon was quite helpful and lathered dog slobbered on my face and ears until I moved. I was actually a pretty good motivator.

I crawled back into bed, and checked my alarm to make sure I would get up in time for class.

I slept through my alarm by almost two hours. And 2 phone calls.

Thing about my alarm is... it doesn't turn off. It keeps going until you manually turn it off. Which means I slept through it's raucous blaring until the dog stuck her cold nose into my feverish side.

The bizarre thing is I felt fine yesterday. I had a little soreness from the previous nights Kenpo class, but otherwise I had no problems. The only warning I had was that little cough right before I went to bed.

This has me worried enough that I am planning on going down to student health services. Something I would not normally do... well ever.

Remind me to tell you about OIT student health services trying to kill me.

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