Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day Two... Magic 8 ball says....

Situation Snowy... ask again later.

Today's classes were Pre-calculus and Advanced Metal-smithing.

The pre-calc class was fine, although crowded. Professor's explanations were clear and concise. However, she verified rumors that I had heard previously that the class is essentially self-taught out of the book and the instructor pretty much only answers questions about the previous night's homework and general introduction to topics covered in detail in the text.

Advanced metal-smithing was a class I was simultaneously dreading and excited about. Dreading because I would classify certain specific skills as mine as advanced and the rest as intermediate of basic.

However turns out there is no intermediate class, so if you took basic metal-smithing your choices are advanced or.... advanced. He stated that he is going to be treating people with less experience too not quite as high standard. I will have to see if I can finagle into that group... which I have already probably shot myself in the foot because after class we spent some time talking about small-shop mokume techniques and Japanese alloys and their patination opportunity.

Also, the first assignment is cool, and a new technique I hadn't encountered before. As a mater of fact it looks like this whole semester will be 3/4 be things I haven't done. (Like enameling and cloisonné)

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  1. New and different is good, right? I hope you enjoy it!