Monday, January 21, 2008

Good News...bad news...good news...

So it's -15 f and dropping here with expected lows of -23 f tonight.

After discovering my remote start wasn't working I decided it would be prudent to plug my car in tonight.

Good News. The Remote start not working was just dead batteries in the remote.

Bad News. After Driving all the way to Walmart for an extension cord and batteries I get home to discover my car does not in fact have block heater.

Good News. I stopped for coffee. There was good news but that's all I'm going to say here.


"Sweeny Todd" (the movie) and "Light" (the Book) coming after I finish my homework.


  1. I've been resisting doing a weather up date on my blog, but since you started it... it was in the low +40s yesterday and today, Currently +39.
    It's not going to last, we'll be back to 0 by Friday. With a motor home in my garage I discovered this year my Subaru has no engine heater.

  2. Damnit this is my blog. Go post your weather schtuff in your own damn blog! :P

    (I joke, I joke.)

    It does however amuse me that It's 60 degrees colder down ...correction it is -28 f here right now... so there is a 71 degrees colder down here.

    I have a hard time getting my dog to go out into the yard, she wants to run out to the mostly cleared path and do her business there. When I chase her of into the yard she minces around and comes back and leans against me.

    I had to stomp her a path to her "patch" before she'd actually go there.

    Hope my car starts for Kenpo class tomorrow.

  3. Well, yay for good coffee! Hope you and Cin stay warm enough!