Wednesday, January 16, 2008

People were Kenpo fighting... school was fast as lightning... the books were little bit frightening..

After nearly four weeks off from Kenpo class (last week the instructor had to cancel at the last minute) yesterday I again went to class. It was good class, we reviewed everything over and over again as I hadn't practiced nearly as much as I should have over the break. We ran through all the techniques slowly as a reminder, and then ran through them over and over again 'at speed.'

I was sweating by the end of class but I had a happy endorphin glow. Sensai pretty much said that when I feel ready to test let him know.


Today I had my first class of the new semester and my only Wednesday class. It's the next in the design series but with a different instructor. Much as I really liked my last instructor he urged all the students to take a different instructor both for the change in teaching style but also to learn different things different ways.
My new professor is a great font of knowledge... but being older he doesn't exactly fill the room with his voice, and it's a big room. He also has a ... reputation... for VERY tangential explanations to questions. For example... last semester I got a short critique from him on the 4 line assignment that involved: fork design, the differences between Japanese kimonos and their Korean counterparts, and folk dancing.

Should be an interesting semester.

I ended up sitting with several of the same folks from last semester, in fact we also sorta drifted over till we were together. I'm hoping that we don't get split up as we work together well as team and they are pretty nice people. This includes a young lady I've mentioned before in my Livejournal post of embarrassment. However I must not have made too bad an impression as all three of the girls from last years group joined ours (sat next to me no less.)

If I keep sitting in the same spot I will also have the benefit of morning sun. Hmmm could be good... could be bad.


Mini Book Review:

I mentioned in my LJ quote of the week an author I greatly liked named Max Barry. I had only ever seen one book by him in the Sci-fi scetion. Upon discovering his blog, I discovered he has three books and the other two are considered mainstream fiction.

So dug out my 30% off coupon and bought the one my local bookstore had in stock... Company.

This book is actually difficult to review without revealing to much of the plot. The protagonist is fresh young graduate hired by well known firm... suddenly discovers he has in fact been employed by dysfunctional company hell. Irrational management, a mid-day promotion, and co-worker on quest for vengeance over missing donut... and the first day isn't even over yet...

The book is satire. This book however is so painfully funny and true at moments I started have flashback to working at the Railroad.

It was funny, it was brilliant, it was very very scary.

I heartily recommend it.

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