Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mr. Clean and Bonus dog weirdness.

One horrible side-effect of the move from Alaska to Montata was the packing tape I and my friends used to secure the kitchen stuff. It left this malevolent yellow residue that nothing budged. I have it on my kitchen knives, my crockpot, my microwave, and more.

Everything I have tried: dishwasher, Brillo pads, Goo gone, steam, and in some cases steel wool has be at best limited and in some cases totally ineffective. The only thing that worked was multi-hour soak in goo-gone followed by steel wool. As this was not going to work on my delicate appliances I had resigned myself to their gruesome fate.

Until now.

As my new kitchen was in less then a pristine state I have been cleaning as I unpacked. I remembered Consumer Reports (tm) raving about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (tm) and effectiveness at removing grime. I was rather please at the ease with which it removed was what obviously years of bachelor neglect of the kitchen... and then my eye fell on my microwave.

I looked at the erase.

I looked at the microwave.



What The Hell.



Needless to say, I'm very happy.

Bonus Picture...

So when I am in ye bathtub of delight, my head is actually below the level of the tub. Cin often sits nearby when I bathe and upon hearing the dog moving about, obviously trying to find a comfortable spot, I didn't think anything of it.

Until I got out and didn't see her.

At least not at first...

As if I needed further proff I have a weird dog.

P.S. The lamp is temporary as those shower curtains block most the light in the bathroom making it hard to read in the tub. Clear curtains coming soon.

*Edit* I should have specified as it was AK-MT move (Now fixed above.) I've been suffering this damn tape for 4 months. Plus I didn't have anybody help me move Belgrade-Bozeman. I wish I did, carrying desks upstairs by yourself is no fun.


  1. I LOVE the Magic Eraser! It works on damn near everything. The other suggestion I was going to give you is: lighter fluid. For some reason it seems to dissolve sticker and tape adhesive. We used to use it at my work for the most stubborn of stickers, but we had to stop using it because someone (a new employee) complained about the smell (even though it was in a well-ventilated area and optional gloves and masks were provided) and reported it to OSHA who then informed us that we couldn't use lighter fluid.

  2. another good option is white gas-coleman bought at the local camping store.

    also reminder you have a sister with a hulking husband who lives not very far away and would use any excuse to go somewhere. plus i havent ever met Cin.

  3. You know, in retrospect I should have asked you guys to come help.

    But I didn't anticipate all the problems I ended up having.

    However, unless something goes horribly awry I don't plan on moving again until I graduate.

  4. Sorry about the tape. Couldn't have known beforehand, but will never use it again!

    Glad you found something to take it off; it's hard to imagine you feeling settled without your kitchen.

    So, your dog's found a way to curl into a corner, and around the most area possible of the heat source? Aw, I didn't know she'd picked up habits from me. Next thing you know she'll be leaving books in random places, each read a few chapters in.

  5. I don't hold anyone responsible for the tape but myself. I told y'all to use and you did. It worked great for it's purpose... it just had undesirable side-effects.