Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner Break Post...

Am I a foodie? Yes, I am.

So after feeding the dog and taking her outside, I observed pizza being delivered next door for the third time this week (that I know of.) My neighbor Mike* waved at at me and asked if I wanted to come over and split it.

I thanked him, but declined because I had dinner in the oven and ton of school-work.

Dinner for me being:

Saffron-butter poached chicken breast, Havarti cauliflower grautin, and spinach salad with and orange mustard dressing.

I'm actually in the mood for pizza and if I weren't 1) already cooking dinner 2) serious about the homework 3) doing Men's health TNT diet so little to no carbs... I'd have taken him up on the offer.

It just amused me that my standard fare is effectively snob food. Which is odd because it's not significantly more difficult or time consuming to make then mac and cheese, hamburger helper, or any other of the quick foods that people seem live off of. Certainly tastes better...

*I only know Mike because during that damn cold spell he managed to lock himself out of the house just as I got home from class. I invited him upstairs for coffee and we made small talk while he waited for his roommate to get home.

He seemed nice enough, but it became REALLY obvious in a short amount of time that computer geek and snow board instructor's lives have very little overlap.

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  1. I like your food better!

    The past week has been full of discovering just what foods are easy to make with two sprogs underfoot - it often has to include ingredients that can be "helped" with, things you can feed to the pre-verbal, and very little that would require sterile surfaces or sharp knives.

    I look forward to making an eye-wateringly spicy curry when I get home.