Friday, January 25, 2008

Tired... on many levels.

I ended up working all the way through the night and even then not getting all of the Architecture assignment complete. From the sounds of panicking from the other students I'm not the only one.

After class I went to my old apartment, loaded the rest of it and re-cleaned everything I thought wasn't quite shiny enough.

During the check out I discovered I'm apparently supposed to get the carpet professionally cleaned and apparently I forgot to vacuum behind the fridge.

You are supposed to vacuum behind the fridge?

Anyway by the time I got back I was to exhausted to unload the car.

Feeding the dog early and going to bed.

*Edit* Oh, and some lovely person sent me 4 oz of pure uncut Vietnamese Cinnamon. Even through 2 ziplocks and bubble envelope you could smell it. The stuff is about twice as sweet and 4 times as strong as most normal commercial Cinnamon (which is actually usually a related plant called Cassia unless it's labeled Ceylon cinnamon.)

When I unboxed it Cinnamon (the dog) had her nose practically buried in the cinnamon (the spice.) When I turned to look at her she apparently thought I was offering it because she tried to take it from my hands, very gentle as she is wont to do. No spice was spilled, the dog was startled and confused by the withdrawal of the expected treat and my subsequent amused laughter.

I shudder to think of the sneezing fit that would have ensued had she bit down...

*Edit 2* Even with Mozilla's on screen speel check my dune speel so good. Brain tired.


  1. How would Cinnamon the dog react to cinnamon the spice? Has she ever gotten any?

    Can you get an extension if enough of the class doesn't have it done? Or if you ask politely? Or if you ask politely while handing the prof a fifth of scotch?

    Was your apartment clean to the point of vacuumed behind the fridge when you got it? Was that mentioned on your initial walk-through? As a landlord, I have the carpets cleaned in-between every tenant, but I don't charge it against their damage deposit unless they left the carpets stained or trashed beyond normal wear & tear.

  2. I don't know I don't beleive she has had any pure cinnamon. When I dropped an extra hot Cinnamon bear on the floor once she lunged for it, got it stuck in her teeth and then got quite distressed as it got hottter and hotter. I actually had to sit on her and pry the bits out of her teeth. Those particular bears were demoniacally hot though.

    No. No extensions.

    Both of the cleaning items were listed on the moveout check list, I just forgot to use the list whjen I cleaned. I didn't check behind the fridge when I moved in. It hardly needs it all behind the fridge so in all probability the previous tenet did.

  3. When we moved out of our last place, we only had to clean the floor underneath the fridge and they cleaned the carpets minus a flat fee taken out of our security deposit. Or we had the option of getting the carpets cleaned ourselves...