Friday, January 25, 2008

Late night break... erm.. #1

So my first Axonometric took me nearly 4.5 hours to draw. Lots of tedious measuring and remeasuring.

My second one, which was even more complicated took me 1.5 hours.

I had an aha moment. I thought it was enough to draw an Axonometric grid... but if you actually extend it into a cube... well drawing it becomes stupidly easier. Instead of measuring, you count grid blocks on plan and elevation drawing, sticking a point at the appropriate spot in the cube. Then you connect the dots.

This is apparently what is covered in my still missing text book.

So one more Axonometric to go, re-copying (and fixing) 3 plan and elevation drawings, and then only 21 sections to draw.


*Edit* oh and Pre-calc studying and homework... and tomorrow after I get done with all these fun classes I get to go move the last of my stuff out of my old apartment and do the final check out.

Add to that a pinched nerve in my neck/left shoulder, a misbehaving car, and sub-zero temperatures...

I think we can officially call this week "sucky."

At least the dog isn't as gassy this week... (not that you care I'm sure.)

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