Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ruminations on working out...

Here are my options Such as they are:

1) School Gym.
Pro: Free
Con: College Gym rats, in the middle of remodel that was supposed to be complete before I started fall semester but it still going on. Crowded at all times. (Unverified but so I've been told)

2) Gold's Gym
Pro: $99 for 99 days, and can transition to month-to-month with no sign-up fee after the 99 days are up.
Con: General Gym Rats. Not inconvenient but not near. 1 week to decide on the $99 offer, otherwise it's 12 month contract @$40/month or Month-to-month with $71 sign-up.

3) Snap Fitness
Pro: Open $24 hours, less expensive then Golds, and near both my house and office.
Con: Not open yet. I drove past and they are setting up the equipment still... no signage up.

4) Bowflex
Pro: Good equipment, open 24 hours, REALLY near to my house, even the basic model does everything I want.
Con: Either capital investment or on credit at the equivalent of 2 years of Gold's membership rates, and honestly I don't have the best history with using it once I have it, must fight the coat-rack principle.

5) Weight Bench + basic set.
Pro: Open 24 hours also REALLY near to my house.
Con: Capital cost is 1/2 of what the bowflex is, but takes up more room. Not all the exercises I want to do I will be able to do.

So anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/offers?


  1. I have 2 expensive coat racks, not recommended. Try the school gym first, it's free. Try at different times, there are gym rats everywhere except in your living room. If, after a fair test, it doesn't work explore other options, Snap Fitness might be open by then.

  2. i have done all option you are contemplating. at home-you have to have the dedication and self disipline. its very hard. the school gym is a great option for the budget and the best times (if it fits) is at around 10 am, 2pm, and after 8pm.
    with a pay gym, there are the benefits that everyone else is actually there to work out. not pick soemone up.(unless that what you are going for)
    always go for free first.