Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news... and Good News.

Today when I showed up for Kenpo class, the instructor had me do all the techniques for "review" and when we were done he said... "Well I don't think any more review is needed, in fact that was so good we'll just count it as your test too."

I officially am a yellow belt in a second Kenpo style.

After the test we started on Orange belt and I learned the proper way to apply the Sleeper and Guillotine choke holds. Fun and Ow!

Also on a lark after class I swung by the Snap Fitness and discovered that:

1) They are now open
2) I have almost 2 months left on my account.

Way cool.


  1. Is that fun for the sleeper and Ow! for the guillotine, or fun & Ow! for both?

    Yay for open shiny new gym! May you have plenty of fun with it!

  2. "Fun" because they are an interesting, and simple new technique that are scarily effective when done properly.

    "Ow" because the difference between "ready" and "unconscious" is only about 3lb of pressure applied to your neck. You have to be pretty careful while practicing them so you don't hurt you partner.

    My instructor who has pretty high pain tolerance tapped out at about 1/5 the force I expected to have to exert when put the guillotine on him.