Friday, January 4, 2008

Killing me with kindness...

A friend who is in Brussels sent me a package of made-that-morning Belgian chocolate.

A 2 lb box of fresh hand made Belgian chocolate...

Other the European's inexplicable desire to ruin some chocolates with hazelnut filling the everything has been really good. (Even the Hazelnut ones are tasty... and Cin has volunteered to eat any I find. But for her safety I am suffering and eating everything.)

I do find it amusing that it takes exactly 2 days for fed-ex 2 day service to get from Belgium-Montana, but it takes 4 days to go from Montana-Alaska.

USPS shipped my an fruitcake from Alaska in 2 day though.

*Bonus Bathtub picture*
Dagnabbit, I just realized I forgot to get replacement shower curtains while at Target.

1 comment:

  1. Now there's a tub that looks like it's got enough thermal mass to keep the water hot for a good long soak! And perfect for a bubble bath, too.

    Ok, that's added to the dream-house inventory.