Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back online.

I'm about 75% moved in, I've got most of my day-today living stuff moved over... though I somehow managed to leave all my coffee cups behind.

Every square inch of my body hurt. I actually had trouble walking down the stairs this morning to get ibuprofen.

Door to the upstairs. The dog hasn't grown... the doorway is 5'6" tall. My landlord hit his head everytime he went through...

Upstairs Bedroom. Cinnamon can look out the windows. Well not now... now there are curtains up.

Second Bedroom/Computer room.

Kitchen. No dishwasher but there is a gas stove.

I apparently forgot to take pictures of the living room (now filled with boxes) and took an uninteresting picture of the bathtub. I'll post it if people really want to see. On the subject of the bathtub. Thank god for gas hot water heaters and deep tubs. I took my first comfortable bath in almost year last night.

I'll try and get picture of the front of the house... hopefully the old tenets defunct couch and mattress will get hauled off the front lawn soon.


  1. It looks like a really cute place. I'd be whacking my head all over the place though - then I'd become a serial killer from all the temporal lobe damage...


    ANYWAYS. I was so happy about moving into this condo because the tub was easily twice as large as the tub in our old apartment off Strawberry. That particular tub was SO AWFUL that I got out of the habit of taking baths. No wonder I'm so stressed out :-(

  2. Does the bathtub really have claw feet?

    How long did it take for Cin to be in it?

    How long do you think it'll take me to whack my head on a doorframe when I visit?

  3. Looks cool! Are there photos of the spare bedroom??? (is there one?)

  4. Re: Stacy You mean MORE of serial killer?

    Re: O.W&W Yes. See follow-up post bonus picture.

    I think that the sides are to tall for Cin to try and climb inside.

    Re: Dr. H There are. They are labeled 2nd Bedroom/Computer room.